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Exhaust Manifolds 410

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Old 12-05-20, 12:17 PM
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Default Exhaust Manifolds 410

On soon to be my 410, the exhaust manifolds need some work as both blowing a bit. I like what I've heard and read about SLJ's stainless freeflow alternatives but has anyone had any success with other aftermarket offerings as there seem to be a multitude of choices for 318 engine?
Regards Andrew
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Old 12-05-20, 12:57 PM
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Default 410 exhaust manifold

My 313 engine now 318 gave trouble on the near side manifold when I first had it 21 years ago. I tried all sorts of sealers and gaskets. In the end I took it to and Engineer, as I had put a straight edge on it and found it had slightly "warped", it is extremely light and rather delicate but he managed to gently skim it (there is not much to play with) and it has been trouble free now for 19 years.
If that is any help it could save a few pounds.
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Old 13-05-20, 01:56 AM
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Originally Posted by AndrewA View Post
...there seem to be a multitude of choices for 318 engine
Andrew, you may be seeing exhaust manifolds/headers available for the later 'LA' series 318 engine, whereas you have the earlier A series 318, commonly referred to a the "318 poly engine". The manifolds for the two engines are not interchangeable.

Unfortunately, the LA series small block engines became commonly referred to as A series engines, which naturally causes some confusion!

There are some new stainless steel headers available for the poly 318, but they are usually made for racing applications and specifically to fit early Mopar B and C body types (Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge), which are much larger than our narrow Bristol bodies.

Indeed, secondhand poly 318 cast iron manifolds can often be found on ebay with asking prices in the hundreds of dollars.

I doubt you will find any new manifolds/headers 'off the shelf' that will fit your Bristol 410. If you do, please share!
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Old 13-05-20, 05:03 AM
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Thanks to Nick for reminding me to check the basics first before rushing off for a bolt on solution and to Kevin for explaining gently (thank you) what precisely I have under the bonnet. At least my lockdown reading can now progress in the correct direction!
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