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4Door Saloon at german reality TV show

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Old 21-08-09, 06:32 PM
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Default 4Door Saloon at german reality TV show


last week i stumbled over a german TV Reality show about a family in resto buizness and the first car featured there was a 401? 4Door Bristol in burgundy.
Some pretty nice shoots yet the narator is telling dumb things as this show seems to be made for dumber people who also like to look the US shows with Foose, Boyd or the Chopper guys. On the end the show is about people having problems to do rather then about "how to make love to old cars"

The car has a german registration STD (Stade) and the owner was a born brit dwelling now in the FRG. IFIRR he talked that he had been working at Britstol at the aircraft facility an had seen how the Cars had been produced but needed some years untill he could afford his dreamcar. (Its always the same story..)

Ill try to watch the coming 3 Episodes and fetch them somehow with OTR or SAVETV...


Skott Oldtimer Werkstatt - Die Schrauber-Familie: Alte Liebe ...
NDR Fernsehen- Die elektronische Programmzeitung des NDR (EPG)
Die Schrauber-Familie: Sendetermine der TV-Serie
YouTube - Die Schrauber-Familie (1): Alte Liebe darf nicht rosten
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Old 21-08-09, 07:21 PM
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The maroon 405 on the youtube clip is in the BOC register with photos.
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Old 23-08-09, 01:44 PM
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OK, I admit it! It was me and my 405 who played a small part in this German docu-soap.

It was made for NDR (North German Broadcasting) with the aim of featuring a small family firm in the north of Germany and its trials and tribulations. It of course first and formost an entertainment series of four programmes which just happens to feature a firm restoring and repairing classic cars. So to be fair to it, it is made for a mass public and not just for old car fans. It also just happens to be about the workshop who have done the work on my 405 which is the reason for my participation.

I must say I was very dubious when asked to take part but thought it would be a good opportunity to do some PR for Bristols in this area.

However when viewing it, please be aware that it is all spontaneous and nothing is rehearsed. For me the most striking thing is to hear my Hamburg accent when speaking German

Of course a lot of the more technical content has unfortunately been cut but as I said it is entertainment and unfortunately what is important are the viewing figures.

As far as I am aware the 405 only features in the first of the four programmes, so no need to watch the rest!

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Old 28-08-09, 06:36 PM
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Old 28-08-09, 06:46 PM
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Hello Richard

ok first I´ve to say that your voice and slang on TV sounds more like Cris Howland then a stiff "Hamburger".

Now first question ist there more to come about the Bristol on the future episodes ? I´ll check them anyhow as a friend mailed me that they will show some nasty rust on old Porsches. (I´m A Purschnut)

The other thing is IFIRR you had been working at the Bristol Aircraft facility back then when you got the "Bristol" virus. Now as whithness from the old days maybe you can share some personal history points wich would never be told if we hadn´t the internet. There would be some points of interesst for me. (As well es others devotet to Bristol)
But maybe we should move to a other place with some historians at the AtlasF1 TNF Board. ( with Nye, Snellman and Ludvigsen )

New beeing mechanic/technician have some love/hate on those storys.
The US Shows live from "enrichment" the NDR show is somehow a duplication from the german junk brothers yard show (Lufolfs). The thing is working on old cars is very entertaining, has tradegy tears & soul and some very stunning minutes yet most can´t be cathched by a camera eye. Most from the the things are simply boring work. On the other side the show isn´t hurting a mechanic as some US shows.

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