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OK, I admit it! It was me and my 405 who played a small part in this German docu-soap.

It was made for NDR (North German Broadcasting) with the aim of featuring a small family firm in the north of Germany and its trials and tribulations. It of course first and formost an entertainment series of four programmes which just happens to feature a firm restoring and repairing classic cars. So to be fair to it, it is made for a mass public and not just for old car fans. It also just happens to be about the workshop who have done the work on my 405 which is the reason for my participation.

I must say I was very dubious when asked to take part but thought it would be a good opportunity to do some PR for Bristols in this area.

However when viewing it, please be aware that it is all spontaneous and nothing is rehearsed. For me the most striking thing is to hear my Hamburg accent when speaking German

Of course a lot of the more technical content has unfortunately been cut but as I said it is entertainment and unfortunately what is important are the viewing figures.

As far as I am aware the 405 only features in the first of the four programmes, so no need to watch the rest!

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