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6 cyl Bristol cars Type 400 to 406 - restoration, repair, maintenance etc

406 project/basket case - no engine - need engine bay pictures

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Old 21-03-21, 08:14 PM
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Default 406 project/basket case - no engine - need engine bay pictures

Hello all,
Hoping to find a 406 owner who may help with photos of the engine mounting and the steering assembly in the engine bay.
This poor thing arrived here in a sad state of disorder.
Another engineless 6 cylinder Bristol. And greatly dis-assembled.
Perhaps there is one here in my area that I could visit? That would be marvelous!
Cheers for now,
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Old 21-03-21, 10:26 PM
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Kurt ,
I don't own a 406 but have found a photo of a 406 engine bay that might help .

Is your car LHD or RHD ?
What is it's chassis number and original engine number
Can you post a few photos of the 406 on this forum
What engine and gearbox are you planning to fit ?

Attached Images
File Type: jpg 406 5261 engine compartment.jpg (328.4 KB, 43 views)
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Old 22-03-21, 09:03 AM
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Default Engineless 406

Alas the number of engineless Bristol 6s will only grow as they are plundered by the 50s racers and by the ravages of time. Part or whole New engines are available from Inracing, though , as one would expect, they are not cheap.
One more economical option which you could consider is a transplant from another species. ( some might say a Morganitic union, I couldnít possibly comment.)
Iíve seen an impressive installation of a Rover V8 done in recent by SLJ, and Iím sure the owner wouldnít mind being asked for info.
The chassis will certainly handle more power (vide Bristols next step to Chrysler) and I think the Rover is lighter than these.
Iíve also seen a Triumph 6 cylinder and a Ford V6 installed.
Easiest to include their gearboxes, through shame to lose the lovely Bristol gearbox.
Hope that helps!!
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Old 29-03-21, 11:45 PM
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Thank you all for the replies.
I shall post info as i make progress. It's a client's car.
Someday I'll have my own Bristol.
The owner insisted that since the heritage of the Bristol 6 is from BMW, that we should install the 1995 325is engine, trans and all the computer wiring that he sent with the car!!!!
Not no, but hell no!!!
Well, I had something to say about that.
Firstly, I had to inform him, the modern engines have no lineage connection to the original, but, the Bavaria M30 series has some connection, in that, Von Falconhausen had a hand in the design of both the prewar engine as well as the designs that were in production in the 70's.
Not to mention that they are also one of my all time favorites. So, I sold him on the idea of a Bavaria engine/trans combo using a pair of Webers and a proper ignition distributor as god intended a Bristol to have.
There will be some camshaft tuning to increase hp and raise rev limits 500rpm. Est 180 to 200 hp.
Sadly, the original trans is gone too.
We are keeping the original rear end, so an overdrive 5 speed is in order to drop revs at speed.
The photo that was posted did answer questions about the steering shaft arrangement, thank you. Some idiot chopped the steering shaft and installed a universal joint, probably to get around a chevy v8 exhaust system - butchers here - it was the same on the '52 I did!
3 years ago I was given a 1952 engineless Bristol which I successfully adapted a Triumph TR6 engine and trans into it. The original driveshaft bolted straight up perfectly!
In addition, the distributor had a cable tach drive identical to the Bristol.
I was delighted.
By next post I shall have found the chassis number.
It is lhd
I shall be more prompt in my replies, henceforth.
cheers, Kurt
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Old 19-11-21, 08:41 PM
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i have a 405 with no engine, i've read a few people installed a TR6 engine like yourself, how hard was it and could you give me a rough breakdown of what to do please - i've seen they go for the TC engine rather the PI as its a simpler and more easier engine to set up - so i've read

please help ! as i would love to get this old girl back on the roads

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Old 21-11-21, 06:45 PM
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Hello H
That was an easier project than this one seems to be at the moment.
The Tr6 engine/trans unit went into the earlier 1952 with relative ease.
With the engine hanging centered in the compartment , looking at a
logical front engine mount position, I then measured the distance from
the rear of the engine to the front of the drive shaft. Then I measured
the length of the trans, I was shocked at how close to perfect the fit was.
So I pulled the engine back, attached the trans, leveled it back in place
to within a half inch of the drive shaft, lowered the engine, made my
marks on the frame to start fabricating front mounts.
Bear in mind that the poor thing had all of the original mountings
completely removed to put in the previous engine, so I made mounts
to suit.
As to the carbs versus injection, we have little choice as they never
brought the PI models into the States except for racing. I remember
working on a PI model at the race tracks in eastern Canada when I was
going back for summers. If you have everything necessary, pumps,
relays and what have you, then, by all means, it would be great to have
150 hp versus 104 or so, that we have here. If it was my car with carbs
then I would have put a better cam and tuning in it.
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Old 22-11-21, 06:20 PM
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hiya Kurt,

first of all thank you ever so much for the write up on the drop in engine, i really appreciate it !

do you think the original mounts on the 405 would take the t6 engine and trans ? or would i have to get them fabricated like you

did you have to alter the length of the prop-shaft ?

I would be tempted for a PI but then it would be a hassle of getting it all wired up and set, rather than just drop in and play like the carb engine.

Yes further down the line i would be looking to increase bhp but for now i need to get her rolling !

again thanks so much

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