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Default Engineless 406

Alas the number of engineless Bristol 6s will only grow as they are plundered by the 50s racers and by the ravages of time. Part or whole New engines are available from Inracing, though , as one would expect, they are not cheap.
One more economical option which you could consider is a transplant from another species. ( some might say a Morganitic union, I couldnít possibly comment.)
Iíve seen an impressive installation of a Rover V8 done in recent by SLJ, and Iím sure the owner wouldnít mind being asked for info.
The chassis will certainly handle more power (vide Bristols next step to Chrysler) and I think the Rover is lighter than these.
Iíve also seen a Triumph 6 cylinder and a Ford V6 installed.
Easiest to include their gearboxes, through shame to lose the lovely Bristol gearbox.
Hope that helps!!
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