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Thank you all for the replies.
I shall post info as i make progress. It's a client's car.
Someday I'll have my own Bristol.
The owner insisted that since the heritage of the Bristol 6 is from BMW, that we should install the 1995 325is engine, trans and all the computer wiring that he sent with the car!!!!
Not no, but hell no!!!
Well, I had something to say about that.
Firstly, I had to inform him, the modern engines have no lineage connection to the original, but, the Bavaria M30 series has some connection, in that, Von Falconhausen had a hand in the design of both the prewar engine as well as the designs that were in production in the 70's.
Not to mention that they are also one of my all time favorites. So, I sold him on the idea of a Bavaria engine/trans combo using a pair of Webers and a proper ignition distributor as god intended a Bristol to have.
There will be some camshaft tuning to increase hp and raise rev limits 500rpm. Est 180 to 200 hp.
Sadly, the original trans is gone too.
We are keeping the original rear end, so an overdrive 5 speed is in order to drop revs at speed.
The photo that was posted did answer questions about the steering shaft arrangement, thank you. Some idiot chopped the steering shaft and installed a universal joint, probably to get around a chevy v8 exhaust system - butchers here - it was the same on the '52 I did!
3 years ago I was given a 1952 engineless Bristol which I successfully adapted a Triumph TR6 engine and trans into it. The original driveshaft bolted straight up perfectly!
In addition, the distributor had a cable tach drive identical to the Bristol.
I was delighted.
By next post I shall have found the chassis number.
It is lhd
I shall be more prompt in my replies, henceforth.
cheers, Kurt
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