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Urgent - rescue mission for Bristol Cars Archives

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Old 07-08-20, 09:58 AM
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Default Urgent - rescue mission for Bristol Cars Archives

A group of us from the Bristol Owners Heritage Trust went to Bristol Cars at Windlesham last week for a socially distanced viewing of the sad remains of Bristol Cars Ltd., now in liquidation.

Our brief as a Registered Charity is to conserve and make available for education and research Heritage material related to the history of the marque. All our archives are accessible to all, free, in the City of Bristol Archives, together with our large collection of photos and literature, and Sir George White’s own memorabilia.

First priority: We will make a large offer by private treaty for the entire paper Archives - 12 Plan chests containing blueprints and designs for every model, plus a dozen filing cabinets with car history/despatch notes and correspondence from the 1940s onwards. An amazing opportunity to acquire and save this unique collection of paperwork being the history of Bristol Cars

Second priority: Should funds permit, we are interested in saving one or more wooden body bucks for display - these range from 401 to 412 . There is also a group of about 10 unique small models of prototypes which should be kept together. The Heritage Trust will not bid for the spares.

The Heritage Trust have saved up a significant sum just for this event over the last few years, since it became sadly obvious that the firm were going under. Estimates are difficult - for this paperwork is priceless yet valueless. The Liquidator has postulated "well over £50,000" for the Archives, and transport, cataloguing, digitising, conservation and interim storage will all add to our expenses.
This is a significant and important, once in a lifetime opportunity ,to save the entire archives of this historic English car maker.

Please let me know if you would like to support us in the last chance to rescue, save and make publicly available the history and culture of Bristol Cars Ltd.

We are not asking for donations - yet. Please identify yourself to the Heritage Trust and the maximum you could donate should our present funds not suffice. Donations can be Giftaided. Volunteers will also be needed to help with transport, sorting and digital cataloguing.
Hope you can help!
Please contact us via our website (under the heading About Us)

Yours in Bristol.
Stefan Cembrowicz. Chair BOHT

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Old 07-08-20, 10:09 AM
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Further to Stefan's request, you can also see the auction and private treaty sale announcements here on the BOHT website
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Old 07-08-20, 10:15 AM
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Default Archives

A couple of thoughts -
Obviously I have not seen the archives but £50,000 seems a lot of money for this paperwork. It must have a limited market so there should not be any competition bidding for it. On the other hand it would be a shame for it to be lost but I would have thought a lower offer would be feasible.
To recoup some of the cost could individual car records be made available to owners? The RREC make photicopies of build sheets for owners at a price - it was £45 when I got the I records for my Silver Cloud. I would certainly be interested in obtaining the relevant paperwork for my 410 and I am sure others would feel the same.

Bob Livermore
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Old 11-08-20, 02:22 PM
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I would also be happy to pay for whatever paperwork the archives have on my particular car, as I'm sure many other owners would too. Whilst nice to keep the archives together, I'd far rather have my actual car details in my history file than in the Bristol City archives.

Anyway, first the archives have to be obtained and our representatives handling the matter have a hell of a difficult job on their hands.

If it is indeed believed that we (the Club / BOHT) will be the only interested parties (for the archives), what is to be made of the Liquidator's postulation of "well over £50,000" for the archives alone? Is that hope value alone or is there really credible alternative interest at that level? It seems a game of poker!

Chris Sherwood.
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