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6 cyl Bristol cars Type 400 to 406 - restoration, repair, maintenance etc

6 cyl Gaskets (head)

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Old 22-11-10, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by peterg View Post
How suitable do you think your taxi tyres would be on a 403? Cross plies are
getting low and I need to make a desision.

I want to get the wheels powder coated silver at the same time (along with
the radiator grill) so if any one knows of a good coater. preferably
convenient to South West London/ Sussex.
Regards, Peter
I think they are fine. Lots of people use them without a problem and I have them on a 401.
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Old 22-11-10, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by pasini s View Post

I cannot fit 15" wheels on my 409, as the homologation papers specify only
16" wheels and in Italy this, like the size and speed rating of tires, is
one of the things that could land you in real trouble if you get involved in
an accident. Of course I would like to get some new straight Dunlops (does
anyone have a set for sale?) but I think that Audi steel is not bad and they
look quite 'right' on the car.
Thanks anyway

I tried the steel spare from my Mercedes E class on my 408 and it fitted okay.

You could buy them from a scrap yard
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Originally Posted by Claude View Post
I'm a bit confused about these two points Kevin. Tony Crook clearly did not use his car business to fund other vices, thus the price charged reflected the cost to build the cars plus a bit more to pay Tony a life income.

Are you saying the huge price of the car is too high (implying too much money) or too little (implying the reason you suspect his balance sheet was weak)?
I'm saying the business was probably very profitable back in the 1960's, 70's and maybe the 80's, but by that stage sales were dwindling steadliy and by the time Toby came along (circa 2000?) the business was probably struggling.

I think Crook achieved high prices given what was actually being sold, compared say with contemporary Astons. Of course Aston went bust several times, but they did develop their own engines in the 60's and 70's.

As an unfair crack... you say your experience with small companies is the opposite. I trust you exclude from that the small company that had your 411 for a decade or so "restoring" it.
So because of one example of poor service from a very small company (1 person), all small companies provide poor service. Another generalisation.

My experience with small companies is that they are good when their business is not complex. Cars and software are extremely complex with thousands of dependencies that must work together.
You weren't so specific originally. Besides, many of the world's most successful software companies started of as very small companies.

Small companies can also be agile and and respond quickly and effectively to customer feedback.

Personally I find many large companies a nightmare to deal with, both as a customer and a supplier, especially Telcos!

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Hi Bellerophon,

Thank you for the information on the head gasket - appreciated.
I noticed that the gasket "SET" on Ebay sold although I am not sure how complete the "set" really was.

Thanks again


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