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403 Front Seat Belts

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Old 28-08-21, 04:07 AM
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Default 403 Front Seat Belts

Hi has anyone fitted front lap sash retractable seat belts to either a 403 or a 401. My 403 has lap sash belts fitted fairly poorly by drilling two holes in the floor under the seats and fitting heavy plates under the car. My 411 mk 2 has a retractable unit mounted on the floor at the rear door pillar in front of the rear seat. I am hoping someone else has a better plan (maybe hiding the retractor unit).

Regards Peter Dowdle
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Old 29-08-21, 10:02 AM
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Mine were fitted in the same places, just in front of the rear seat, which works well and low down on the B post (for strength), just above the lower window line which doesn't work so well.

Done again I would place them a little higher.

I don't know how else you can fit the inner mountings.

Note that you need the longer seat belt for vans.
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Old 13-09-21, 11:07 AM
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I've just fitted inertia reel belts in my 403. I've also written up the detail with photos in the Bristol Owners and Drivers Association newsletter. Unfortunately I'm away from home in a campervan just now and don't have access to the article. In essence, what I've done is to scrap the trafficators, weld up the slots in the B posts, weld on a standard seat belt mounting point half way up the B post. That takes care of the shoulder level swivel. I welded another mounting point on the bottom of each B post, just above floor level. I mounted the retractor here, with the outer floor level anchor behind it. The inner floor anchor goes on the transmission tunnel. I used belts from Securon, the ones that have a webbing strap for the inner fitting as this looks less modern than the stiff leg type. I'm very pleased with the result. However, note that the belts are almost fully extended in use and somewhat longer ones would be better. My priority was to get the mounting points welded in whilst the car is stripped down. I can always change the belts later.


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Old 13-09-21, 11:23 AM
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Location: Aberdeenshire Scotland UK
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I should have said that a small piece of the rear seat skirt needs removing to clear the retractor. This only really OK if like me you are getting the seats redone anyway.


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