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406 trafficator switch

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Old 10-04-21, 06:21 PM
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Default 406 trafficator switch

Problem was that the switch would not automatically cancel. As the switch is described as a 'pnuematic indicator switch'. I wasn't sure what to find when removing, which is a little tricky on the 406. Replacement units remanufactured to Lucas 031046 were priced at 100+ on ebay.
So on stripping down I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful clockwork mech. with multiple gears meshing, and a aluminium vane providing the resistance on unwinding against the spring, to produce the time delay.
a good clean with fine brush and WD40 had it working easily.
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Old 10-04-21, 07:49 PM
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Good to hear it's working again.

I suggest you get a small amount of clock & watch oil and put a very small dab on the end of each shaft as it goes through the plates. The wheels (gears) should not be oiled as dust will stick and act as an abrasive.
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Old 13-04-21, 12:07 AM
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Default Used on several bristols


The previous owner of my 401 had the mechanism 'refurbished' at a cost of $700. I think they scammed him and just cleaned and 'oiled' it because there was still considerable wear apparent in the assembly.

Anyway, despite the refurb, its correct operation is not guaranteed.

If I could be bothered spending the time, I'd convert it to electronic.
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Old 21-04-21, 10:32 AM
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My 403 switch had a broken spring. I made a new one from scratch out of a length of spring steel. Works perfectly now. The safety pin style spring is left hand wound - I had not been able to find anything close ready made. A right hand wound spring would not have laid in place properly - there is no room for anything different from the original.

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