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Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Best model there was the Bristol Type 188...
Ah, the T188, that brings back memories! When I was an apprentice at BAC in Filton over 50 years ago, the T188 was in final assembly. Once the veil of secrecy was lifted, we apprentices often went into the hangar at the bottom of Filton hill at lunchtime where it was being built to admire its pencil slim lines. This was my first exposure to aircraft manufacturing and left a lasting impression. Once first flight was imminent we spent hours watching and waiting for it to take-off. It sat for days at the end of the runway waiting for the right weather and all the systems to function correctly but unfortunately when the moment eventually arrived I was in college. However I did later see the first flights of the T221 and Concorde 002 both of which I worked on. Happy days, please excuse the nostagia!
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