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Originally Posted by will7262 View Post
I want to change the current carter crab and inlet manifold for something a little more modern and free flowing.
Has any body got some pointers and experience regarding this?
Will, bear in mind that the performance benefits of increasing the breathing capacity of the inlet manifold and carby will be limited or governed by numerous other factors, including cylinder head characteristics, valve size and cam profiles. There will be optimum combinations, so do your homework or you might end up making things worse rather than better.

To work out what performance improvements are feasible with your engine, you really need to know the casting number of the cylinder heads, then you know what you have to work with. You need to remove a rocker cover to see the casting number.

Finally, I'm sure you don't need to be told that the more you do to your old engine the closer you get to the price of a new crate engine. This is something I wish I had been told before I spent many thousands on the engine in my 411.
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