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Originally Posted by lansdownplace View Post
The 600cfm edlebrock carb is very breathless over 100mph, ....
breathless? maybe this is because your car is turbo charged, but a 600 CFM carb couldn't possibly be "breathless" on a Bristol 603.

At 5500 RPM, the maximum volume of air a normally aspirated 360 CID engine could consume is 572.9 CFM, BUT that assumes 100% VE, whereas in reality the VE is more like 80%, so the max CFM it requires is 458. Less for a worn engine.

You don't say which Edelbrock 600 CFM carb you used, then there's the question of jetting, metering rods and step up spring. So before dismissing ALL Edelbrock carbs on the basis of your experience I respectfully suggest you supply a bit more detail!

By the way, you CAN get a 750 CFM Edelbrock with an electric choke
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