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Originally Posted by will7262 View Post
I have done some research and I think the edlbrock system is the way to go as they do a matching cam, inlet manifold, timing gear upgrade, hydraulic lifters etc as a matched kit.
I will , along with my brother, fit this ourselves. We have done countless set ups and have all the right equipment so should be easy.
The 600cfm edlebrock carb is very breathless over 100mph, and the 750 dosen't have an automatic choke and isn't great for a low idle. I would be careful about throwing out your Carter as I tried both Edlebrock carbs on my uprated engine and both caused problems, particularly with sustaining vacuum at low RPM causing engine cutout under heavy braking particularly if turning. I went back to the Thermoquad which is a spread-bore design rather than the edlebrock which is a square-bore design. All of the problems disappeared immediately and it tested/tuned very well on a rolling road.

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