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Default Bristols, restorations and finding a good shop

That is just great, and I am sure you folks could handle just about anything. My experience here has not been good, worse, very disappointing. My last effort was earlier this year, and these people convinced me they could do what I needed done. Six weeks later and twice the estimate, I bought my car back and promptly planned on selling it. It was an E-type that I had owned for about ten years, and I had planned on keeping the car and using it as an occasional driver.
The car sold rather quickly on the JagLovers site, and I spent about two days trying to talk the chap out of buying it. He claimed he was a welder and told me what a horrible job was done on the panels and rust they 'fixed'. Rather, they fixed me. Anyway, and thankfully, I did not lose a great deal in the sale.
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