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Dear Giacomo,

The best view is from above but even from here is is too bloated especially across the front section. The whole car appears too bulky and although you retain lots of glass with a light and airy cabin, the external scalloping of wheel arches simply looks ugly and out of character with the car. It probably robs the spare wheel spot of valuable space (have you ever looked inside the wheel arch compartments of a Bristol?).

As others have suggested, start with a 410/411 and work your ideas on improving the front and rear details. Having a narrow track makes curves on the side of body challenging especially when one considers the limited side to side space inside a Bristol.

My 406 from the rear reminds me of a Bertone designed Alfa 105 series with a sloping pert behind. The alteration I am having done to the front is merely to remove the ugly Lucas stuck on direction indicators (blinkers) whilst engendering a hint of 1950-60's Alfa Guilia air intake mixed with DB4 side and blinker lights (separate).

Like others, I think the RR slab front end far too blunt and square. If you want to hint at aeronautical past, then more aerodynamic curves and shapes should be employed. Don't Bangle-ise it either. The rear should be less fussy as well. I wouldn't bother with automating rear quarter lights as these are best handled by hand (if anyone is in the rear).
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