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Default Brabazon

Oh dear,

I should have known better, well named.
The "Brabazon" was an ill conceived project at the wrong time.
It was to have catered for a class of person the 2nd world war had made
It had an out dated method of propulsion was inconsidered for its time, only
got of the ground to be forgoten except for being one of Aviations greatest

I am with Philippa, even though I like my 407 better than my short lived
412, but
a Fighter I would love to drive and be seen in any day, I think the Brabazon
left to the history books. The car proposed car design sold to China.

I would rather like the next Bristol (an open top preferably) called a
Sorry, but let Bristol progess slowly but surely with wonderful shapes
the past and paying complements to the old names that were deserved.

Silverton's, you are not doing a bad job, keep up the good work!

Nick Challacombe, old git and proud of it!
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