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Default 6 cyl Gaskets (head)

I don't think BCL was selling a defective product. It was a gasket that
worked for BMW and one little hole may make a 10% difference in cooling.
The BIG issue was the lack of a satisfactory answer to the client and by
sayng he was the only one to complain, it was sort of blaming the customer.
I disagree with the comments made that a professional installer would have
seen the difference. Maybe.... maybe not.
What all this has shown us is that there has been some "overselling" by BCL.
They gets their supplies of spares were they can...same as the rest of us.
Therefore shopping with BCL, B May, Spencer Lane Jones, the Australian club
and others may well be all the same.
Claude brought up his hub cap issue...and years later his hub cap is still
"under observation" at BCL or perhaps used as an ashtray! A refund or the
offer of a discount on future purchases would have been a more appropriate
All a matter of communication.
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