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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
I wonder how many cars are in fact driving around with this "holeless" gasket and concerned about overheating. Indeed I wonder if I am. Certainly on hot days (>25C) I start to get a bit concerned when the temp rises to 95+.
Interestingly the gasket on ebay also has this hole missing and appears to have the same date as Eric's ie 23.5.89 so presumably a common source.
I just wish there was a simple way of checking "hole or no hole"!

As previously written by someone , it's probably BMW 328 gaskets

In my humble opinion , if engineers decided to add an extra hole circa the 6th cylinder ... I may reasonably think that it's because they had an overheating problem or they wanted to improve the cooling

Everybody is free to accept if whether or not it's important . But I have a tendency to trust in the experience of engineers who decided to make an extra hole

As for me , original gasket is supposed to be as it is in original drawings

Is it normal that no recall has been made ?
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