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Default WARNING Faulty 2 Litre engine cylinder head gaskets

I recently fitted a head gasket set to a Cadillac that had one of the holes from the original design deleted and a note in the kit or the gasket manufacturers website,, I don't remember which, as to why that had been done. The car runs perfectly and does not overheat. The modification was to improve the water circulating characteristics of the engine so it isn't always safe to assume just because it isn't original it isn't right. Didn't I see some comments recently on cooling system mods on this site? If I did can you point me in the right direction as I have just bought a reconditioned 2 Litre engine from BCL and when installed in my 403 my aim is to return the car to normal every day use hence my interest in anything that will make the car practical in every day traffic without spoiling the essential character of the car, all ideas and suggestions welcome, except buying a V8 as I already have two of those on the road!!