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Default Tyres for a 407

Hi Mick,
After spending ages pontificating about the fact that a 407 ought to have crossply tyres, as that what they were designed to take, I ended up, after 9 years of arm twisting the Avon Turbospeeds as per the handbook, changing to Michelin X.
These have been fantastic, no more tramlineing, a far better ride, better fuel consumption and quieter. I have felt a right chump!.
They were available when the car was new and so in my mind are acceptable as the period is correct.
The size is, 185 R 16, they are H rated ie OK for a Max of 210km/h or 130mph.It is also wise to fit inner tubes.
You must get the right speed rating, as you will not be covered by insurance if you have tyres rated at a lower speed than your car is capable of doing.
They are readily obtainable in the UK from Longstone or Vintage tyres, you will not get a discount even in the trade, you might get carriage thrown in.

NickC 407 6028.
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