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Default Engine Measurements


Hello Bob,
I have just ordered an Innovate LM1 in a bid to check the SU
needle which my father is running in his recently supercharged '34 Wolseley
Hornet. The anticipated delivery time is two weeks to Aust.
I think we are close with needle selection, but it would be comforting to
know that we are not running dangerously lean at wide open throttle.

Ideas to date to correlate needle position and A/F readings include a linear
potentiometer sensing piston lift (SU remember) or a graduated "stick" in
the dashpot well whereby the graduations are sensed by el cheapo tiny
security camera. If you are interested, I'll let you know how we go.

In closing, please find a reference below to very handy SU needle matching
software should you have a vehicle which would benefit from it.

Useful SU needle software


Brett Boughton

Ps I like the pun "leaning towards..." - very rich language Bob!
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