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Default Cost Effective 2.5l "bristol" Engine

Geoff D,
I agree that that the most cost effective approach to re equipe an
engineless Bristol saloon would be to hunt down original gear and restore
it. A couple of people on the forum broached the topic of a big bore 6 cyl
Bristol engine ie 2.5/3L. My suggestion is just that - if you want a
significantly bigger engine that looks something like the original without
having to build the bottom end you may consider starting with something like
a TR bottom end and fit a specially cast Bristol type head ( not an original
Bristol head). As you well know, even Jack Brabham or Mike Hawthorn could
not overbore a std block to 2.5L and get it to hang together! I would take a
guess that a fully engineered 2.5L 100D2 engine (which I don't think exists)
would require at least 40 000 pounds.
A specially cast oversized head (for the sake of the argument, lets call it
a 2.5L head) may cost 10 000 pounds. I know that I am oversimplifying the
engineering problem and indeed ,the market/volume/unit price problem, but
the TR route would have to save 30 000 pounds!

I reiterate Geoff's question, how many people really want a bigger 6 cyl
engine which looks like a Bristol if the complete engine and modern 5 spd
box is going to cost (at a guess) upwards of 12 000 pounds? (engine and box
not fitted to your car)

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