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Default Cost Effective 2.5l "bristol" Engine

If you are keen to build a cost effective 2.5L "Bristol" engine which looks very much like the "real deal" then you may like to consider the following:

1. Utilise a Triumph 2500 block and crank - strong,affordable,4brg mains, 75bore by 95mm stroke.

2. Cast a "Bristol" style - cross pushrod head utilising 3 IDA webbers (a la 12 port racing Bristol head) or 3 ICH carbs. Recall that BMW retrofitted their std block in the same fashion to arrive at the legendary 328 hemi head arrangement. In essence, you would be going down the same pathway!

170 bhp and suitable torque would be guaranteed- at a reasonable price.
The key point being that the engine would look like a Bristol product!
The bonus being that aftermarket TR to Celica or Supra bellhousings already exist.

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