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Default email updates


Thanks for that. Actually I DO want notification to my email address that posts have arrived for my selected topics, but only that information. That's how it works for me normally. What was happening with the correspondance regarding Gordon's postings was that the whole posting and all the replies were appearing in full in my Outlook Express inbox.
I'll try to sort this out to get back to normal, using your guide below. I hope not to trouble you again but if I get stuck I will let you know. Many thanks.
Dave Dale.

Originally Posted by devadmin View Post
Dave, I have set your email notifications for this forum to "No Email Notifications", but I noticed that you had some other forums set to receive a daily email update.

You can always change your email notification settings by going into Member Options (you must be logged in otherwise Member Options will not appear on the menu). Then go into "Edit FORUM Subscriptions" (scroll down to see it on the left hand side menu). After changing the email notification subscriptions be sure to click "Update" at the bottom of the page.

Any problems please let me know.