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Default Hot Firewall and legs!

When I first bought my 407 the heat in the passenger footwell was horrendous, so much so my wife hated it! I then spent quite a bit on heatproofing the firewall and floor, it made a difference but not much. I flushed the radiator, a little more difference. Boiling in traffic was also a problem, the name kettle suited it well. I upped the % of antifreeze, this at least reduced the boiling but not the temperature . I read that the cabin cooing was only effective if the rear windows were open, that also helped. The fans were ok. I then, through another member, had the radiator exchanged for a rebuilt one which was thicker than mine by about 1/2 inch. Bingo, no more overheating, temperature remains 85 degrees whilst motor is running and I have just completed a 1,200 mile trip to Cornwall and 3 days tulip rally then back to Suffolk via Bristol staying in the Hotel Bristol! No problems at all, cruising on motorway at around 75mph at which the Bristol feels at home.
I have owned it for 23 years now and having fitted power steering a couple of years ago find it the the ideal car for a 78 year old one legged old git to be driving. Happy motoring!
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