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Default Bristol Red

This has for years been a matter of discussion, my 407 (1962) was repainted by the factory in 1964, there must have been a problem, though what it was with number of layers of paint put on I cannot imagine. This was listed as Rolls Royce Regal Red, the original colour.
I had the car stripped back to aluminium in 2016 as too many stone chips etc, had over the years and my 55 thousand miles in it had spoilt the look. I gave my paint man M6021 which he confirmed was also known as Rolls Royce Regal Red. It is metallic but only very subtly I would say, and looks exactly the same as when I bought is in 1999. It gives a very deep shine.
I understand that Bristol would, if asked, paint the car in any colour a customer requested , the ones with Bristol in the name were the slandered colours for stock cars and dealers stock. Yes they still had dealers in those days.
My own thoughts are paint it any colour you wish but if you are going for a "Bristol Red" then M6021 is it.
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