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It probably was but driving then was about car control, before covid restrictions put us into lockdown I took my 401 LRU on its three brief road test runs, the first one or two I thought it was awful, fighting the remote change gear lever, missing gears because I could not remember where they where I was beginning to question what the hell I ever saw in them then on trip number three I took it a bit further and on the way back decided to drive it a bit hard, fast into corners change down keep the power on, pure bloody fun the magic was back.
More recently I have done a few runs with MXF which has a few teething problems as well but did a few hard charges up a local hill to try and provoke the problem, failed, but what fun.
As a VSCC friend said 60MPH flat out in an Austin 7 special is more fun than 120 mph + in a Ferrari and he should know he owns both.
Another great car to drive fast is an R Type or Mk Vi Bentley, heavy powerful and can be balanced on the steering through the bends and an awful lot of fun when you get it right, S2 Bentley even better performance up there with the V8 Bristols.
Total fun, Bristol 603 mine was set up by the previous owners and is a wonderful car to drive.

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