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Am back on the road - or I was briefly - but more of that later.
As per below have now been through front suspension in its entirety and then turned attention to the engine. Decided to renew anything suspect so new cam, followers, pushrods, water pump, timing chain and sprockets, valves, collets and had the heads done.
Inlet manifold looked decidedly mucky particularly under the metal plate on the underside so took the plate off and there was a big crack.
Had an extremely generous offer of a loan of a manifold from a contributor on here to get me rolling again - thanks again - but in the end SLJ were able to supply a second hand one at a reasonable cost. After a weekend of cleaning it to within an inch of its life it's now painted and on the car.
After "breaking in" cam, initial driving impressions are excellent - not a night and day improvement but engine even smoother and handling great - and that's before doing the geometry properly.
Only fly in the ointment was a petrol pong which I presumed would be something not done up properly in the engine bay. Not so - I had a boot full of petrol (again), culprit being the SU fuel pump. Have had enough and am going the Facet route - even if it means building a little sound proofed home for it in the boot.
It might be of use to some to know where I got the various bits and bobs from so here goes.
Timing chain and sprocket, full gasket set for poly engine, valve springs, harmonic balancer all came from Real Steel in Uxbridge.
Cam, lifters, valves and collets came from Falcon Global in the USA.
Pushrods from
Bushes and other suspension bits from Classic Bristol Car Parts and SLJ (who also provided water pump).
Track rod ends - Amsteer.
Thanks again to those on here who have been in touch with advice and offers of practical help - much appreciated.

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