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408 & 408 MkII
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Access denied 407-408 Brakes and suspension service info    
Section of the official workshop manual for 407 and 408 (up to chassis 7200) detailing all brakes and suspension.

The PDF file is >6Mb and is on an external file storage site (Mega NZ)

Keywords: 407 suspension brakes 408
Access denied 408 & 408Mk11 differential service bulletin    
Detailed bulletin describing repair and adjustment of the Salisbury 4HA differential.

NOTE: This information is from an Aston Martin workshop manual - ONLY the differential service information is relevant to the Bristol - the other components shown (such as suspension) are not relevant to Bristol cars.

The PDF file is around 8Mb and is hosted on an external download site (Mega NZ)

Keywords: differential 4ha axle 408 407
Access denied 408 MkII Brake Discs     49.86 Kbytes  
Diagram and part numbers for the 408 Mk2 brake disc assemblies

Keywords: disk disc brake 408 caliper
Access denied anti roll bar     25.47 Kbytes  
anti roll bar

Keywords: anti roll bar
Access denied body fittings and door glass     51.19 Kbytes  

Keywords: windscreen quarter door frame lens bumper boot
Access denied Brake pedal and master cylinder     55.88 Kbytes  

Keywords: brake cylinder master pedal
Access denied Brake System     75.10 Kbytes  
Diagram and parts list of 408 brake system

Keywords: brakes brake 408
Access denied Bristol 408 wiring diagram - in colour     630.09 Kbytes  
  Bristol 408 wiring diagram - in colour. Provided by GeorgeG

Keywords: 408 wiring
Access denied Camshaft assy     63.25 Kbytes  
Camshaft assembly, diagram & parts list for 408 M2, 409 & 410

Keywords: bearing camshaft tappet valve retainer rocker
Access denied Crankshaft assy     91.70 Kbytes  
Crankshaft assembly, diagram and parts list for 408 Mk2, 409 & 410

Keywords: crankshaft bearing piston
Access denied Cylinder Head assy     89.06 Kbytes  
Cylinder heads, diagram & parts list from chassis 7201 onwards

Keywords: cylinder head
Access denied Engine Electrical components     76.75 Kbytes  
Diagram and parts list for alternator, distributor, coil and starter.

Keywords: alternator distributor coil starter
Access denied Engine Fan Assembly     31.12 Kbytes  

Keywords: fan
Access denied Engine Fuel System     51.28 Kbytes  

Keywords: pump fuel carburettor choke filter
Access denied Engines Mounts     40.64 Kbytes  
Front and rear engine mountings 408 - 410

Keywords: engine mount
Access denied Exhaust System     37.93 Kbytes  

Keywords: exhaust muffler silencer
Access denied Front Damper and Spring Assembly     61.04 Kbytes  

Keywords: damper spring crossmember shock camber
Access denied Front hub and stub axle     39.18 Kbytes  

Keywords: bearing hub axle vertical link
Access denied Front suspension wishbones     89.11 Kbytes  

Keywords: link vertical wishbone bush ball joint
Access denied Fuel, tank, sender     46.42 Kbytes  

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