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Engine Measurements

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Old 19-08-08, 01:50 PM
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Default Engine Measurements


Hello Bob,
I have just ordered an Innovate LM1 in a bid to check the SU
needle which my father is running in his recently supercharged '34 Wolseley
Hornet. The anticipated delivery time is two weeks to Aust.
I think we are close with needle selection, but it would be comforting to
know that we are not running dangerously lean at wide open throttle.

Ideas to date to correlate needle position and A/F readings include a linear
potentiometer sensing piston lift (SU remember) or a graduated "stick" in
the dashpot well whereby the graduations are sensed by el cheapo tiny
security camera. If you are interested, I'll let you know how we go.

In closing, please find a reference below to very handy SU needle matching
software should you have a vehicle which would benefit from it.

Useful SU needle software


Brett Boughton

Ps I like the pun "leaning towards..." - very rich language Bob!
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Old 19-08-08, 03:49 PM
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Default Engine Measurements

Brett -

Thanks much for the Innovate news! Very good to hear about the
vintage applications. I'll use the system on my Alfa (Spica fuel
injection) and Imperial (Carter carb) here to look for gross
mis-adjustments. Both cars run well, but it's a learning opportunity
for me. Then I'll send it to Barry Leitch in NZ to check the Solexs
on my FN. Barry will put it to good use for the other cars in his
shop and I'll pass along the SU tips to him

I'll likely get these items from a dealer in the area who had these
on eBay and seems to offer a modest discount. And I'll talk to them
on the phone today to make sure I'm getting the right items and accessories.

While doing this research, I came across a DIY computer-controlled FI
system which may be adaptable to any engine All of this it close to the
outer edge of any application for me, but if my daily driver was a
V-8, I would be trying to learn more!


PS The pun was mere coincidence; I can only claim "rich language"
when hanging around average American hot-rodders.
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Old 20-08-08, 07:12 AM
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Default Engine Measurements

Another useful resource for AFR meters is at . I have built
a couple of their units, one is fitted in the 412 later to be interfaced to
a megasquirt unit (I`ve built a couple of these as well) which will control
a sequential gas injection system.

Useful thing with the wbO2 is that it can take inputs from other sensors,
(rpm, throttle position, etc.) and store the data. This can be read out at a
later time, so you can see exactly how your engine is performing under road

John P
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