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1954 Bristol 403 LHD parts car for sale

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Old 16-07-21, 12:31 PM
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Default 1954 Bristol 403 LHD parts car for sale

Greetings from a new member. While searching for Triumph TR6 parts I came upon a Bristol parts car on the Washington DC Craigslist and decided to pass on the info, hopefully someone here will rescue it. Apparently the car is located in northern Virginiaís Loudon County, a couple hours from my home. I donít know the owner or have any vested interest in this car.

Hereís the link:

Good luck
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Old 17-07-21, 12:52 AM
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In 1995 I was North American registrar for the BOC and recorded the following:

Date: 3-95
Owner: Armin Zahn
Tel: 208-667-1728
Address: 1215 Lacross, Coeur D'Alene Idaho 83814
Notes: Zahn bought this LHD 403 from Chris Smart in 1994, Chris had it for 25 years, bought it out of California, came with V-8 BMW engine, sold engine, louvers in bonnet, LHD, cross member was cut, engine mounts changed
Car: 403/1353
Condition: OK as a parts car or full restoration
403 1/752
Engine Missing BMW V8
Year 1953
Exterior Yellow
Interior Tan

1994 Estimated value 2,600

According to my records, there were 19 LHD Bristols known in the US in 1995:

1. 401-1220 slow restoration Wesley Bergen, Connecticut
2. 401-1268 not running, bought 403 for parts Armin Zahn, Idaho
3. 401-1270 slow restoration, Donald Greimel, Maryland
4. 402- 711 missing parts, has Jag 3.5 engine Roger Smith, California
5. 403-1328 excellent running condition, Mark Wallach, New York
6. 403-1353 parts car Armin Zahn, Idaho
7. 403-1553 slow restoration Tom Chandler, Idaho
8. 404-2046 nice running car, Ferrell G. Reed, Colorado
9. 404-2051 nice running car, Mike DiCola, Massachusetts
10. 405-4182 stripped to restore, my car, gave it away in 97, last in France, Frederick Monnereau
11. 405-4223 decent running condition, Howard Morrison, Rhode Island
XX. 405-4539 only known LHD drophead - hit by bus, confirmed to be extinct
12. 405-5288 needs restoration, Don Westerdale, California
13. 407-6025 decent running condition, Howard Morrison, Rhode Island
14. 408-7052 daily driver, 318 w floor shift added, Kenneth Iskow, Maryland
15. 408-7203 partial restoration, Bob Garitson, California
16. 409-7347 beautiful condition, Leonard J. Hoskinson, Florida
17. 410-7456 restored by Bristol Cars, Steven Sparkes, New York
18. 410-7474 famous Cannonball, sitting in a field, Jerry Johnson, Oklahoma
19. 410-7481 front end damage, Peter McGough, Manitoba Canada

Zahn is reported to still be alive at age 88. Clearly he sold the 403 when age caught up to him, and it made its way back east.

Having begun a restoration of a RHD 405 Drophead that was then sold and the restoration completed by Bristol Cars, this 403 looks to be in better shape. My drophead's chassis was perished and had to be completely refabricated. This 403 body looks to be in good condition as well. The price is the entry ticket. I would reckon about US$40-80,000 unless one finds a crashed 401/403 as a donor car.

But if it was me, I would convert it to an electric motor. The cross member is already butchered. I would look put the electric motor and batteries in now, and then take the years it may require to find an uncut cross member and power train. This way it gets back on the road, but eventually can be restored as a period-correct car. This electric makeover is becoming trendy with classic cars, and finding a good running, period-correct Bristol power train may be an expensive challenge.
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Old 17-07-21, 02:39 AM
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Now there is some very serious intel on that parts car! I joined the group here specifically to alert a potential buyer to that rare piece. Seems to be a treasure trove of parts in very good condition. I hope to hear I was instrumental in helping that car find a proper home. The electric power an excellent idea Claude, Iíve seen pics of some XKE conversions.
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Old 22-07-21, 11:10 PM
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I have for sale a car that escaped Claude's research as it had left the US by that time, a 401 sent new in LHD layout to Craven & Hedrick in New York, it is now RHD converted many years later and with all the parts to convert it back to LHD including the choice of a good second hand LHD steering rack or a factory reconditioned unit complete with tie rods and ball joints, the chassis was structurally rebuilt years ago as were the brakes but due to the time stood at the very least all the seals will need renewing.
Comes with its original gearbox and a correct spec 85c engine needing a rebuild. As an alternative I acquired some years ago an earlier 85 engine partially rebuilt on to which I intended to fit this cars original cylinder head currently being overhauled by a local engineer.
There are vey few original built LHD 401's left so it deserves to be rebuilt, It would be nice to see this car go back to America but the European market is closer so I am open to offers .

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