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Please read this before posting

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Old 01-03-09, 09:15 AM
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Default Please read this before posting

This forum is for registered members to advertise cars, parts and automobilia that they wish to sell, but they must be Bristol related, which basically means anything which would be relevant to the Bristol forums on this site. It may be something you are selling yourself or it may be a "tip off" about a relevant item for sale elsewhere (such as eBay).

Any registered member of the site can post relevant ads here.

When posting an item you are selling, always include Location, Price and Condition. If it's a car you are selling, include as much relevant details as possible, i.e Car type, Colour, Engine Size, Transmission Type, Interior type, Odometer reading, Interesting history and any other info which might be considered useful. If pointing to an item on another site such as eBay, please include what date and time the auction ends.

Contact Details
Providing you haven't disabled Private Messaging and Email from other members, other registered users can contact you via this site - clicking on your username will show the options. If you decide to include an email address in your 'For Sale' post, the 'at' symbol will automatically be replaced with an asterisk to protect you from spam bots harvesting your address.

If you include your phone number, make sure you include the country and area codes (it might be a good idea to say what your time zone is relative to GMT). We caution against private sellers listing their home address!

If you point to a third party web site which you own/control, please reciprocate with a link from your site to

If you sell your item, please be sure to do a "SOLD" post in your thread so other users don't waste their time. This will also let me know the thread can be deleted.

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Old 16-05-09, 03:13 PM
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Apologies to those who have posted items in this forum and they have not displayed until today. I had it set to hold new threads for moderation, but I forgot, so there were items sitting there waiting for me to approve them. Sorry!

I have now switched moderation off, so we will simply moderate by exception if necessary. It works for the rest of the site so it should work for this forum as well.
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