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And a Cadillac Too.

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Default And a Cadillac Too.

The diesel Rolls took to back stage over the last few days, the replacement of an oil seal on a Bentley S2 shock absorber took priority as did the ongoing work on my 401, this morning however circumstances dictated the need to wake my 1984 Cadillac Seville from its winter slumber and think about getting it back on the road for the summer, standing out does not do it any good but I have to replace its tyres before the MOT as though good of tread the side walls show their age, standing near trees also dictated a wash to turn it from ever advancing green back to Old English White.
Some of you might wonder why I runs cars like this when I own a Bristol, I have to admit I wonder this myself about the diesel Rolls but the Cadillac is altogether a more interesting proposition.
Despite being chassis built when introduced the Bustle Back Cadillac Seville produced from 1980 to 1985 was one of the most advanced Cadillacs they had produced to date.
FWD, part alloy engine, EFI, disc brakes all round , independent suspension part of which was by torsion bar, self levelling at the rear, PAS, electric seat adjustment, air con, electric windows, central locking, self dipping headlights that could be set to switch on and off at dusk and dawn etc, etc.
Despite the front wheel drive a very tight turning circle and despite being softly sprung by European standards this only really applies to the rise and fall of the nose of the car the chassis being firmly planted on the road and thanks to the FWD the handling and road holding are far better than one would expect. The 4.1 litre V8 won't set the world on fire but is adequate for everyday roads and the comfort and ease of driving is the equal if not better than a Rolls of similar age.
Styling is probably a Marmite issue, I think it is amazing that Cadillac produced a car like this, last year I read in Hemmings that in the previous year they had gone up in value by 500%, unfortunately they were not that expensive to start with, good cars that previously might have made $3000/$5000 were now selling for $25000+, while there are still some good cheap cars out there, some of the dealers are now asking very serious money and finding one is not as easy as it was a few years ago.
One thing I have found however is that with the 4.1 V8 which has an alloy block, wet liners and cast iron heads if the the head gasket have not been done they will soon need to be and when they are putting a new radiator in as well is essential.
Driving one of these in the UK turns almost as many heads as a 50's Bristol and Bentley and starts even more conversation as most people have absolutely no idea at all what it is, the one I am currently using was bought about 15 months ago unseen for 1200 for spares for another example, when we picked it up it was immediately obvious it was far too good for that fate and a similar sum had it back on the road.
Spares availability is good and prices reasonable so while it may not be a practical classic or everybody's cup of tea it is an interesting proposition even capable of everyday use.
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