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ivs 22-11-10 05:25 PM

Need help from Arnolt Deluxe owners

The door locks, handles, strikers, push buttons of my DLX are missing, can any owner
send me some pics to see how they look like? Also any info like which cars used them or
where to get those will be much appreciated. Thanks

Ignacio Vivancos
Austin TX, USA

Geoff Dowdle 23-11-10 01:53 AM

Need help from Arnolt Deluxe owners
Ignacio, I'm away on holidays at present but I'm sure I have 2 original new
old stock door push buttons at home for a deluxe. Please confirm the chassis
number & engine number of your Arnolt.

I'll contact you outside of the Forum in early December.
Geoff Dowdle

ivs 23-11-10 02:22 AM


That will be more than great! Will you be willing to sell them to me?

car no 140, engine no 260. Hope this helps


412usa 23-11-10 03:06 AM

Need help from Arnolt Deluxe owners

On the BOC registry 3140 is not listed as a deluxe due to several special
features. It is also described as a Bolide in several of the old
Arnolt-Bristol Owners Club Registries. Other than the Deluxe dash it may not
of originally had all the parts you are looking for. Does it have a round
hole in the door to accept a button, about 3/4 inch diameter?. Is the body
all aluminum and the car RHD? Do you have any photos?

If it is a deluxe I may have some door strikes.

Peter McGough
BOC NA Registrar

ivs 23-11-10 04:11 AM

Need help from Arnolt Deluxe owners
3140 is basically a bolide with some DLX features: dash, locks,
wipers and top beeing some of them.
yes, it has holes for the push buttons on the doors, and holes were
the catches were, and fixings were the strikers
used to be. Those parts are missing, therefore my previous post. It
is of course RHD and ALL aluminum
body. I can make pictures if you wish, car has still the fixing for
the Sebring special pit lights and extra
switches on the dash for them.
If you may have the strikes, I'll be very grateful if you take your
time to find them and obviously willing to buy them. Thanks

Kenneth Andrén 23-11-10 11:05 AM

Need help from Arnolt Deluxe owners
Hi Ignacio
All hardware for the Arnolts like door locks, push buttons, boot locks, interior handles etc are standard 1950's alfa romeo (some parts for my Coupe are FIAT, Lancia and Autobianchi) and can be found with the alfa specialists from time time. Or much cheaper at autojumbles. Some are easy, some are difficult. Contact me if you need some help.
Best regards,
Kenneth, 3086,3137

Geoff Dowdle 23-11-10 02:01 PM

Need help from Arnolt Deluxe owners

Tks your advice. Yes I'm happy to sell them . I also have some various used
locks & strikers that came with a parcel of Arnolt parts from the US about
10 - 12 years ago.
I'll check on my return & advise
Geoff (former owner of Arnolt 3138)

lgoeman 16-09-11 01:11 PM

Hello Geoff,
I'm the owner of a deluxe and bolide AB. But for the deluxe I'm in need of the side screens. Can you give me more information or send me some pictures? I'm also looking for old pictures of the arnolt, do you have them? Both of my cars passed through the hans of Tom Trottman. Does anyone know this person?

Thanks a lot

Lieven Goeman

AB 1072 and 3112

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