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Cargirl 11-07-18 01:19 PM

For Sale 1958 ACECA AEX672
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AC Aceca coupe, AEX672, was completed on June 24, 1958 and shipped to BC Sports Cars of Vancouver, British Columbia. A set of electric carburetor heaters are an additional rarity.
AEX672 is known to have retained its correct AC engine since 1958, numbered CL 2356-W. It should be noted that AC production records of the period were not always strictly accurate, and sometimes changes occurred between the printing of the production records and assembly of each specific car. In this case, AEX661 and AEX672 were built sequentially for export to BC Sports Cars, and the engine present in AEX672 was supposedly intended during production for AEX661. The intervening cars were all Bristol-powered, and AEX661 is presently fitted with a Bristol unit. Since none of the prior owners of either car swapped engines, and it is doubtful that BC Sports Cars swapped engines between the two cars, the engines were most likely installed at the factory in the wrong cars, particularly since “matching numbers” was not such a concern back then. In short, AEX672 was almost certainly born with engine CL 2356-W.
AEX672 received a sympathetic restoration in 2007 with emphasis on maintaining originality, particularly the leather seat upholstery and the wood-veneer dash, while other items were replaced or restored as required. The AC ‘six’ (CL 2356-W) was completely rebuilt and equipped with a period full-flow oil filter. The Aceca retains its original radio and features a set of five 56-spoke wire wheels finished in Argent, crowned by new AC-scripted knock-offs and mounted on a set of correct new bias-ply tires, plus the factory-optional original Moto-Lita steering wheel. The body received a bare-metal refinish, the chassis was detailed, and close inspection confirms that AEX672 was properly maintained, stored and kept dry throughout its life.
Other features include the seats and seatbelts, the original radio-speaker box and antenna, the original sun visors, original “tripod” headlamps and a properly functioning heater/de-mister. The window frames were re-chromed and new items include a windshield and Perspex rear window from England, the Perspex license-plate window, the weather stripping and window felts, a new muffler and flex-pipes, stainless-steel front and rear bumpers and more. Following completion, AEX672 was invited to numerous high-profile concours events including Amelia Island, Louisville and Meadow Brook, as well as the 2009 Glenmoor Gathering, where it earned Best in Class.
AEX 672 comes with the original owner’s handbook, supporting documents and tools,
Please note this car is a 1958-model year car, completed June 24, 1958, but is currently titled as a 1959-model year car.
Located in the US
Asking price $200,000.00 obo

Geoff Dowdle 11-07-18 10:33 PM

You mentioned Aceca AEX661 was fitted with a Bristol engine .
My records show that it WAS fitted with 100D2/993 (originally fitted to Ace BEX 1128 which was despatched ex AC Cars Feb 10th , 1960 , well after when AEX661 was despatched on April 21st, 1958 ) , but the Ace Register of Nov 2016 states that D2/993 is now fitted to Ace AEX181 .

Do you have a record of what type of engine and engine number is currently fitted to Aceca AEX661 .

I think it is highly unlikely that the AC Factory records are incorrect as all the export documents whould have had to have had the chassis and engine numbers clearly marked.


Cargirl 11-07-18 10:42 PM

Thanks for your response. That write-up is directly from the auction house but I did run it past quite a few people that have records. And I have to disagree I'm not an expert but I have talked to several people that agree there were not many but some Factory records that were not correct. These were handwritten records and it's not so far-fetched. Close examination of this car suggests that the engine was never removed. Again I did a lot of research on this car before posting it. I will p.m. you with additional information.
Let's see if we can't determine the car's true history together.

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