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Default Brake master - desaster

Well, dear kolleges, I can add a new experience to this theme.
When my 400 gets hot, and also the brake fluid gets hot, I loose all my freeplay in the brake pedal to that point, that all four drums start to get hot and hotter, and finally start to fix and smell. When I now open the connecting nut of the brake line from the master cylinder fluid comes out und a lot of preassure.
So, unfortunately, I have to remove the master and dismantle, cleane and fit a rep kit inside.
And thats my question now, " Where to buy that brake master cylinder kit in best possibly quality?"
I think that some if you may had a similar problem, and may therefore know to whom I have to go for a good rep kit, possibly with that little check valve.
I thank you very much for your help and efforts.

With very best regards to all


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