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Good evening Geoff

The current surviving chassis are:

400/206 Owned by myself in concours condition, originally light blue, we think used as a recce car for 1949 Mille Miigia.

400/207 Owned by Simon Draper for a number of years, in a poor state, when last viewed in 2012.

400/217 Owned by a French gentlemen, completely new body made by Touring.

400/218 Unknown

400/219 Owned for a number of years by Brian May

400/220 Owned and at present being restored by a Greek gentlemen.

It appears that chassis 129 was used a publicity car and taken back to the factory.

I noticed on the two pictures of the Bristol stand at the 1948 Gevena Show, which appear quite often. The two cars featured there arenít chassis number 129 and 201 as the featured cars have their fuel filler caps on the lefthand side and the rear number plates are the style fitted to the later cars and not the smooth finish with two circular brake lights as on 129 and 201.

I think these two cars are infact dummies made up from standard Alfa Romeo 2500 bodies, slightly adapted, with the Bristol grill, steering wheel, and wheels. This would explain why one is lefthand drive. The interiors are exactly the same and there no exhausts. This would clarify things sightly.

I wonder if you had thoughts on this theory?
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