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Jurowla & Tim ,
My understanding about the Touring bodied 400 and 401's are as follows .

Three 400 chassis were sent to Touring in early 1947 and at least two returned to Filton by August 1947 .
Chassis 400/101 RHD KHU924
Chassis 400/129 RHD LHW949
Chassis 400/ ??? possibly 113 LHD ,( unable to confirm this chassis number but it was the only LHD chassis sent to Drenowatz in time to return by August 1947 , Chassis 113 was later returned to BAC and dismantled), I believe it was only partially bodied , to show the BAC staff the construction in detail . There is a good photo of this partially built car in the book "Touring Superleggera" p232.
Two of these three cars were prepared for the Geneva Motor Show in March 1948. One RHD & one LHD

Probably 8 other 401 chassis were sent to Touring in early/mid 1948
401/206 UMC315 > BAS199
401/207 TMX541 > RSV944
401/217 TML165
401/218 VMG611
401/219 TMX542
401/220 UMD140
401/300 WPC867> ROW403

In early 1948 BAC produced three of their own 401 cars with "Touring style" bodies . The basic design that carried on to the first batch of production 401 with the ridge along the lower body and door .

Chassis 401/204 LHU613 (later "240DRF") This car competed in the 1949 Mille Miglia and was the BAC Demonstrator/roadtest car

401/209 was prepared for the Earls Court Motor Show 1948 and then sent to Commonwealth Motors , Melbourne,Australia in early 1949 and registered "OB453" on 5th June 1949 in Melbourne , it has survived and is nicely restored.

401/213 MAE148 was a second BAC demonstrator car .

These three cars are quite different to the Touring bodied cars.

I hope this helps your research . If any of the information is incorrect please advise
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