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I have two Snap On tools bought to do this job and a power steering pump pully service kit bought later which was cheaper and more comprehensive,
The Snap On tools are part reference CJ124A and CJ 113B, one of these is a 'take off puller' the head slots on to the centre part of the pulley, the tapered centre of the shaft engages with the pump pulley drive shaft and when tightened draws the pulley off the shaft, trying to do the job with conventional pullers is tricky.
The centre of the pump drive shaft is threaded, the other tool is screwed into position and tightened up, it then has for want of a better description a threaded drift which as it is tightened up pulls the pulley on to its drive shaft without risking any damage to the pump or the casing.
The kit I bought a bit later directly from the United States was as I said referred to as a Power Steering Pump Pulley Service Kit it was made by a company called KD Tools, this one in addition to doing the Chrysler pumps also does GM and Ford so a bit more versatile, from memory it cost less than one of the Snap On tools , the reference number is 41560 and it came from MyUSTool through Amazon not eBay as I thought.
The Snap On tools were ordered through eBay but again came from a US supplier as the price even allowing for shipping was better than I could get them for in the UK where they were not a stock item at the time,

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