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I acquired my 411 series 3 in 1981 or 82 the only reason that I am not sure if the mounting arrangement of the bottom of the cover is original or not is that I am certain that I have seen at least one car where the cover was attached on the front of the mounting strip rather than behind it.
This could have been on the 410 I sold some years ago but I can't find any photographs of that area on the engine bay to confirm it.
It is obvious from examining the cover on my car there is something retaining it behind the mounting strip and the metal strip Kevin photographed would be ideal for that purpose the cover could be glued to and over the outside face of the u section it appears to be and it could be placed on the inside of the mounting strip ready to accept the retaining screws.
I am not sure on this site if photographs can simply be sent as attachments but if they can I will try and photograph the set up on my car.
Will also look at the 603 to see how it is done on that car,
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