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Originally Posted by PEU186F View Post
As for brakes, I'd recommend ensuring that the existing set up is in all in good order .... I think it unlikely that a Brigand's brakes would be any less effective, given adequate maintenance.
I agree. Having rebuilt my 411 brakes (front only at this stage), I find them perfectly adequate, however the caliper pistons in particular were in a poor state to begin with.

Simon, your pads will almost certainly have been replaced previously and possibly the discs too. Both disc and pad material is important - the softer they are, the better the braking performance. It is unfair to judge the original braking system without reviewing all of the hydraulic components of the brake system and the friction materials.

That said, a complete rebuild of the original system may not be any cheaper than replacing it all with a performance aftermarket system such as AP/Brembo.
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