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Originally Posted by simonmaggs View Post

(1) The original Carter Thermoquad carburetor (model number unknown) is a shambles on all counts even through it was rebuilt recently and has been rebuilt multiple times in the car's life. I'm guessing - 'shocker!' - it was never correct even when the car was new. Does anyone know of a more recent carburetor that I could fit and keep my turbo? Otherwise I'm thinking of getting a NOS Thermoquad from the US or moving to fuel injection of some sort.
Hi Simon.


See this link from the forum:

Holly 670 cfm Street Avenger is outstanding, affordable and with a few adaptor plates fits fine. I recommend Bates Performance in Waco TX. See BATES PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS | eBay Stores. Tell Brandon what you have and he will tune the profile to fit. Make sure to ask for the appropriate adaptor linkage, hoses and plate... all standard stuff in any US parts store, but maybe not in UK.

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