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Default New Brigand/603 Owner: Carburettor? Brakes? Wiper Arm?


I've recently become the new owner of a very nice Brigand.

Before it can be enjoyed I really need help with the car as follows:

(1) The original Carter Thermoquad carburetor (model number unknown) is a shambles on all counts even through it was rebuilt recently and has been rebuilt multiple times in the car's life. I'm guessing - 'shocker!' - it was never correct even when the car was new. Does anyone know of a more recent carburetor that I could fit and keep my turbo? Otherwise I'm thinking of getting a NOS Thermoquad from the US or moving to fuel injection of some sort.

(2) The brakes 'seem' a danger for the size/weight and performance of the car. Is there an affordable option, re: upgrades?

(3) My car is missing a Valeo wiper arm - anyone know the model?

Any help appreciated, in any event, wishing you well.

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