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That is very interesting I must see if I have that book I know I have a few on BMW and a lot on rover and I think the engine.
I will mention the Range Rover L322 however as I run an early example fitted with the 6 cylinder diesel engine, mine remapped to put out the same power as the car installation, like the P38 before it (I have owned one of those as well) it has its occasional electrical glitches but overall it is a wonderful vehicle and won me over to diesel as opposed to its BMW V8 brother. I still have an early LSE waiting for its turn in the workshop, I have owned Range Rovers almost as long as I have owned Bristols and the only one I would say was totally worthy of being used as a boat anchor was a VM engined diesel, that installation turned it into an evil handling under powered heap of ___.
I liked my P38 and have considered having another but for what I need out of a Range Rover now the L322 is a better proposition , it is a slightly better tow car, is my daily transport and at current values is not worth selling, the LSE is worth far more and if I wanted a P38 it would have to be one of the limited editions and I can't justify the cost for a workhouse left out in all weathers.
The P38 however does not suffer the rust problems of its predecessor or the L322 subframes so I might just be tempted by one of the Japanese imports but only a V8.
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