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I have been working with Rover V8s for more than 30 years and I have never seen any concrete evidence for a link to BMW but that is not to say there is none. BMW have always been rather good at aluminium engines so GM/Buick (there was also an Oldsmobile version) may have sought consultancy help from BMW.
The Rover remains a very light engine for its torque output (although modern 4 cylinder turbo engines have overtaken it in this respect).
This is going to look like an advertisement, but I hope it can be taken as simply factual information. This year at JE Engineering Ltd. we will have built about 45 Rover V8s with capacity up to 5.0 litres, and a variety of possible torque and power combinations for road use, up to about 340 bhp. and/or 440 Nm., and we can offer them with 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic gearboxes (electronically controlled) in 2WD or 4WD form.

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