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Will a project car do? Mine got away from me for various reasons after redundancy over a decade ago and I'm reluctantly coming to the conclusion that I'm getting too old to finish it although, God willing, time and funds should finally be available next year.

Its in East Sussex, about an hour away.

Necessary chassis work and rear underside welding et al has been done, just door bottoms and A posts to do. Was good runner, minor issue with transmission selector bracket is the only mechanical issue I'm aware of. Floppy "bearing" in crap bracket. Needs new one machined up which I can do. Bottom line is I got stiffed on purchase by a very well covered up rolling bodge and pretty much ran out of enthusiasm after being ripped off by so called pros.

Doesn't help that I've discovered that a Range Rover P38 is, frankly, a better car!

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