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Default 400 ex-Rhodesia

Originally Posted by Geoff Dowdle View Post
gmorris ,

Your Dad's 400 was
Chassis 400/1/559
Car 400/A/322
Original engine 85A/1404
Fitted Engine 85A/1459 (ex 400/601)
Original Colour , Metallic Green >White >Maroon

Despatched ex BAC/Filton to University Motors/London 8th Dec 1948
First owner Col. Stuart
2nd owner Eric Glasby /Rhodesia (the Bristol & AC agent for Southern Africa)
3rd Owner Jim Southern (possibly raced by J Southern in Mashonaland 100 in 1957)

poss 6th owner pre 1965 Deryk Lamb/ Tandaai, via Umtali, Rhodesia
7th owner c1969 Colin Morris
8th owner late 90's ???????

I have no idea of its current location or owner

Mr Brian Evans of RSA owned 4 Bristols in the 80's (400 , 401 , 403 & 404 )and could know of 400/559 current owner .
If you look through my earlier posts Glasby imported quite a few Bristol & AC
Attached is the only photo I have of it.

Attachment 923

Do you have any photos of it when your Dad owned it ??
Geoff Dowdle/Sydney/Australia
BOC Joint 400 Registrar
Thanks, Geoff
That photo showing the pick-up box is definitely the car we had! I'm surprised to hear it was despatched in early 1948. We always believed it to be a 1949 car. We found traces of maroon paint on it and then a pale (not metallic) green on the car, which is why we had it repainted in maroon to match what we found.

I will have other photos of the car in both white and maroon. I will look out whatever I can find, but it may take some time as we're in the process of moving house.

For the record, the car had registration number 476R on it when it left Rhodesia, one of the 'new' reflective yellow plates. The TU Rego in South Africa was from the Roodepoort region where we lived. Dad would most likely have sold it with this number still on the car.
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