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gmorris ,

Your Dad's 400 was
Chassis 400/1/559
Car 400/A/322
Original engine 85A/1404
Fitted Engine 85A/1459 (ex 400/601)
Original Colour , Metallic Green >White >Maroon

Despatched ex BAC/Filton to University Motors/London 8th Dec 1948
First owner Col. Stuart
2nd owner Eric Glasby /Rhodesia (the Bristol & AC agent for Southern Africa)
3rd Owner Jim Southern (possibly raced by J Southern in Mashonaland 100 in 1957)

poss 6th owner pre 1965 Deryk Lamb/ Tandaai, via Umtali, Rhodesia
7th owner c1969 Colin Morris
8th owner late 90's ???????

I have no idea of its current location or owner

Mr Brian Evans of RSA owned 4 Bristols in the 80's (400 , 401 , 403 & 404 )and could know of 400/559 current owner .
If you look through my earlier posts Glasby imported quite a few Bristol & AC
Attached is the only photo I have of it.

400 559 D Lamb c1967.JPG

Do you have any photos of it when your Dad owned it ??
Geoff Dowdle/Sydney/Australia
BOC Joint 400 Registrar
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