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Default Bristol 400 in Rhodesia

Originally Posted by legavroche View Post
Thanks for this information, sadly Deryk Lamb was killed during the bush war.
I didn't know Colin Morris and lost touch with the 400's whereabouts. Incidentally, Deryk's son, called Nigel, is one of the leading aerobatic pilots here in the UK.
I'm Colin's son, now living in New Zealand. I remember Dad buying the 400 in about 1970. It was white and had had a pick-up box installed in place of the boot lid. However, the farmer still had the boot lid and re-fitted it for us when he delivered the car. If I remember right, the car cost $100 at the time. Dad had the car repainted to its original maroon in 1975, shortly before we emigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa. I used to drive it often as a teenager and can remember rebuilding the engine and later replacing the clutch. The seats were the original leather, but needed replacing the last I saw it. Dad sold it well after I migrated to New Zealand, probably sometime in the late 1990's or early 2000's. I don't know who bought it, nor where it went. Mum and Dad passed away 3 years ago, so I've no way of finding out. I would love to hear where the car is now.
I do recall one other Bristol in Rhodesia (as it was at the time). Keith Simmonds had a pale yellow 401 that he took to Durban, South Africa when he migrated (some time around 1980, from memory). Keith has also passed on, and his car was sold to another owner in South Africa in the early 1990's (again, from memory, but I may be out on timing).
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